Thursday, December 09, 2004

Closed for renovations

G'day all, What started out, I thought, as a neat idea sort of sputtered out in short order. This was largely my own fault. I don't think free-form access and publication works for an endeavor like this. Someone needs to be driving it, I think. Which I didn't do, in part due to lack of time, and in part because I imagined that this place might take on a life of it's own. There was certainly no lack of talented writers contributing. So I've decided to lock the doors for a little bit while I re-enginneer the idea. I plan on re-opening the creative doors to this place in the new year. In the mean time, many thanks to the people that contributed. Several of them, including myself, have their own personal blogs still running. Go see them. There's a lot of talent worth reading there: Aaron Dantallion Dave Jojo Myke Nicky Happy holidays and peace to you all. Dantallion